Crimestoppers Calls On Community To Stand United Against Violence, Increases Awards

NEW ORLEANS – In response to recent multiple shootings and increasing homicides in the city, Crimestoppers Greater New Orleans (Crimestoppers GNO) and Project Good Samaritan Chairs, Archbishop Gregory Aymond and Pastor Antoine Barriere, are requesting the community come together on Friday, June 23, at St. Louis Cathedral, 615 Pere Antoine Alley, at 11:15 a.m.
         Darlene Cusanza, president and CEO of Crimestoppers GNO; Michael S. Harrison, superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department; Joseph Lopinto, Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Chief of Operations and Chief Criminal Deputy; Jim Letten; Jay Batt, chairman of the Crimestoppers Board of Trustees; members of Crimestoppers’ Board of Directors; family members of recent shooting victims; members of parish, state and federal law enforcement; members of the Project Good Samaritan and neighborhood and civic association members will be in attendance.
         At the event, Crimestoppers GNO will announce an increased reward for tips in shootings and homicides.
         The reward increase will last over the summer months and be implemented throughout the nine parishes the nonprofit organization serves. Crimestoppers GNO serves as an invaluable resource to the local community, providing concerned citizens with a safe and anonymous way to report and reduce crime in their neighborhoods.
         In addition, Crimestoppers GNO is calling for a day of prayer and healing. Members of the clergy, law enforcement, victims’ families and other local service providers will unite in prayer at the event to begin the process of healing from the sting of violence recent events have wrought.
         “It is time to begin the healing process and unite against violence in our city,” Cusanza said. “There are a number of ways community members can get involved and I invite each and every concerned citizen to join us in this effort.”
         Following the call to prayer on Friday, June 23, Crimestoppers Greater New Orleans will be announcing a monthly day of prayer and healing. Once a month, church bells will ring throughout the city and call for citizens to stop for a moment of reflection. Crimestoppers GNO is also calling on citizens to provide prayer requests at participating churches for congregations to hold up in prayer.
         Prayer request submissions can be made here
         Cusanza will also announce materials available to assist Crimestoppers as they celebrate the 2017 National Night Out Against Crime.

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