Crescent Title Now Accepting Cryptocurrency for Real Estate Transactions

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93900282 102962341388144 629989805886799872 NNEW ORLEANS — Crescent Title said it is the first real estate title company in Louisiana to allow customers to make real estate purchases using cryptocurrency. The company will facilitate transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, and has plans to accept more cryptocurrencies in the future.

Matt Emmons, a Crescent Title attorney, said the company has implemented “proven strategies and procedures” to ensure that a cryptocurrency closing will go smoothly.

“As cryptocurrency adoption becomes more widespread, we see real estate transactions as a logical next step for cryptocurrency use,” he said. “Clients are requesting it, and it is important for us to answer that call and stay ahead of the curve. This is a new offering. We have one file in the works, and given the feedback we have received, we anticipate having more on the books very soon.”

Emmons said the cryptocurrency payment option provides large holders of crypto assets with access to prime residential and commercial real estate in Louisiana and, “at the same time, with proper structuring, sellers will experience a minimal difference, if any, from a traditional real estate transaction.”

More information at or (504) 866-5151.

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