Cox Communications Launches Super-Fast Panoramic WiFi, Commits To $10 Billion Investment To Enhance Customer Experience

NEW ORLEANS – Cox Communications announced Wednesday, June 14, the company is launching Panoramic WiFi, the next-generation, in-home wireless network, for its high-speed internet customers in South Louisiana. Device-to-device, person-to-person, wall-to-wall, this new panorama of WiFi from Cox is part of an overall $10 billion investment to enhance customers’ experience both inside and outside the home over the next five years, reps said.

         “It’s estimated that the average family of four will have 50 devices connected to the internet by the year 2022,” said Anthony Pope, senior vice president and region manager of Cox Southeast Region. “From smartphones and tablets to emerging technologies such as wearables, home automation, and smart appliances, the demand for fast, reliable internet service is growing at an exponential pace. Cox is staying ahead of the curve by investing in our network and offering Panoramic WiFi to residential customers in South Louisiana.”

         Panoramic WiFi optimizes in-home wireless service during a customized installation using advanced technology, wireless extenders and a next-generation dual-band modem designed for speed, coverage and performance, reps said. Panoramic WiFi eliminates dead spots, extends to every nook and cranny in the home, and reaches every internet-enabled device throughout the home, they said.

         Cox reps said with the Louisiana launch of Panoramic WiFi, customers on all tiers of internet can blanket their home with WiFi. Panoramic WiFi customers also receive access to My WiFi, a new tool to help them see exactly what is going on in their own home network, including easy-to-read signal strength for all their devices. With 24/7 phone support for their entire network and free trouble calls for wireless issues, customers are getting everything they’ve been asking for, reps said.

         Through its $10 billion technology investment, Cox also continues to expand the availability of its residential gigabit internet speeds, marketed under the name “G1GABLAST,” across its 18-state footprint, which is currently available in the South Louisiana service areas. G1GABLAST includes the latest high-speed WiFi router, Cox Security Suite and Family Protection and 10 email boxes, each with 15 gigabytes of storage.

         In the last 10 years, Cox has invested more than $15 billion in its communities through infrastructure upgrades to deliver video, phone and high-speed internet and home security and automation service to homes and businesses in the company’s service area, reps said. The company is committed to offer all of its customers – not just a select few – an array of speed and pricing options and deliver gigabit services to all homes, not just chosen neighborhoods.

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