Councilwoman Cantrell Celebrates Grand Opening Of First Drive-Through Coffee Shop On New Orleans East Bank

Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell celebrates the opening of CC’s Coffee Shop at 2323 Canal St.

NEW ORLEANS – Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell celebrated the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new CC’s Coffee House at the heart of Mid-City, alongside CC’s Coffee House Licensee Owners Anthony and Nicole Marullo Wednesday. The Coffee House is located at 2323 Canal St. and will serve as the first drive-through coffee shop on the East Bank of Orleans Parish.

         The new coffee shop cost approximately $750,000 to construct and is neighbors with the United Medical Center, the Veterans Affairs Medical Complex, Warren Easton High School and the Catholic Convent in the area.

         The drive-through window can serve up to 14 cars at an estimated three-minutes per order at peak times. There are also 10 parking spaces for those who wish to linger longer at the 1640 square foot location.

          “I can honestly say, I don’t know if we ever would have seen this store open were it not for the help of Councilwoman Cantrell,” Anthony Marullo said. “It seemed that at every step along the way, we got bogged down with red-tape. Different departments would give us different, contradictory directions. It’s because of Councilwoman Cantrell’s help cutting the red tape in city government that we were able to cut that red ribbon today. And The fact that 70 percent of our business is coming from the drive-through window proves that the heart of New Orleans was ready for a drive-through coffee house. We are encouraged by this response and hope to expand to other areas of Orleans Parish."

         “Small businesses like CC’s Coffee House are a driving force for New Orleans’ economic success,” Councilwoman Cantrell said. “Not only do they allow for our city to showcase our thriving local talent and entrepreneurship, but small businesses also foster a stronger sense of community in the area that surrounds them.  For all the efforts that have been made, New Orleans still has a long way to go.  I will continue working to ensure that our city is a welcoming place for both local small businesses and our communities.”

         Also attending the event were City Councilwoman Stacy Head, City Councilmember Jason Williams, Judge Tiffany Chase, Judge Joe Landry, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce President Ben Johnson, GNO Inc. President & CEO Michael Hecht, Attorney Suzy Montero, and Attorney Rachel Johnson.

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