Corrugated Industries

Seven decades is the better part of a century—and it’s also how long Corrugated Industries has been the leading provider of premier, innovative metal building supplies for the New Orleans area. They have also been a family-owned business for those seventy years, since their foundation in 1945. Today, the company is led by the fourth generation in the form of William LeBoeuf, III, the general manager and COO, as well as Sara Bartholomew, VP Accounting and CFO, who both know the value of working in and running a family-owned business.

They are able to pull from a huge bank of knowledge and experience that has been handed down to them from decades of personal family experience in the business—and their family is always on the cutting edge of innovation. In 1961, Corrugated Ind. revolutionized the sheet metal industry by developing the first patent for a custom-cut continuous roll-form machine, which allowed them to create custom metal panels cut to any desired length. This eye for innovation, development and growth has kept the family’s business on the forefront in efficiency, sustainability, product offerings and equipment.

Today, they offer high-quality metal building supplies, complete with customized packages for both commercial and residential clients. Thanks to their long history in the community and their finely-honed techniques, they can provide quality work while still keeping the customer first. They ensure customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service through the entire building process, offering support, solutions and service to any client that works with them.


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