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Corporate Internship Leadership Institute (CILI) is a New Orleans non-profit organization that strategically connects college students to paid internships that provide skill building, competency development, and experiences that lead to lasting careers in industries throughout New Orleans and the region. The organization and its innovative Tenth Institute Program aim to transform and facilitate economic growth while preparing tomorrow’s leaders in a variety of careers.

“During the pandemic, many companies paused the onboarding of new hires, including internships, so we are particularly excited about our initial cohort of CILI interns that will begin in the summer of 2021,” says Perry Sholes, Founder and Executive Director.

CILI’s Tenth Institute Program is dedicated to creating a pipeline of talent from the underserved and underrepresented college-enrolled populations for companies within the New Orleans region.

“Through this program, we aim to help students of color pursue and attain middle-to high-paying
positions post-graduation and help local companies create more inclusive and diverse workforces,” he says.

The success of CILI’s work requires input and participation from decision makers and executive
leadership of the professional community. The program looks to expand its reach with forward thinking business partners across the region.

Founder Perry Sholes, a New Orleans native, brings a wealth of relevant experience to the program. Before becoming a Talent Optimization Consultant, Sholes developed a long resume of positions and achievements in the corporate world, developing talent and creating diverse pipelines at organizations such as Nabisco Foods Company, Kraft Foods Company, and Thomas and King, Inc. He is 2020 President of New Orleans Society of Human Resources Management and serves on the board of the New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate Internship Leadership Institute’s Tenth Institute Program offers a niche focus on career skill building, professionalism training, and coaching for students of color.

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