Copeland’s Giving Away Meals to Promote Delivery

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NEW ORLEANS — From the Copeland’s Family of Restaurants:

The Copeland’s Family of Restaurants is proud to announce a new program #FeedYour___. The program entails purchasing a meal from any Copeland’s New Orleans and donating it to a healthcare worker, first responder, or a friend in need of a warm, comforting meal.

“Our healthcare workers and first responders are spending insurmountable hours taking care of the sick, and many do not have time or energy to prepare a home cooked meal for themselves,” said Al Copeland, Jr. “We are encouraging people to purchase a meal from Copeland’s of New Orleans for pickup through or free delivery through Waitr App using promo code: FREEDELIVERY to give to a local hero or someone in need today. The gift of a meal provides comfort and will help make a difficult situation just a little more bearable,” said Copeland. “We share because we care. To start the movement, we will #FeedOurFollowers by giving away family meals that feed 4-6 through our social media pages.”


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