Continuing Education

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Continuing higher education is often the doorway to enhanced opportunities, growth and potential for many businessmen and women—but it can seem difficult to go back to school while balancing the demands of work, home life and free time. Thankfully, more and more universities in Louisiana are providing access to certificates, graduate degrees and undergraduate programs that are built to help working people continue their education without sacrificing other parts of their schedules. This coursework allows students to invest in themselves—and graduates from these programs can see the benefit in their careers for years to come. Whether you’re a manager looking to gain the skills to earn your next promotion, a worker looking to transition to a new field, or just an employee who wants to diversify your portfolio, the schools in this section have options that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Delgado Community College’s Continuing Education and Professional Development Department offers a wide variety of affordable and highly interactive career training programs and non-credit online courses that make it easy for individuals to study entirely over the internet. Designed for individuals with varying educational backgrounds and goals, the Continuing Education online course suite presents multiple learning opportunities for those seeking professional development or personal enrichment including Six Sigma, Grant Writing, Project Management, Interior Design and more.

“As the world continues to adjust to the ever-evolving COVID-19, we understand how important online learning is now more than ever,” said Kim Tubre, Delgado’s Director of Corporate, Community, and Continuing Education. “Our Continuing Education online course suite is not only convenient but affordable and is ideal for personal enrichment, career development, employee training, and life-long learning.”

Delgado’s online career training programs are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. The programs are developed by a team of professionals from each respective field, providing students with effective web-based learning. The online personal and professional development courses are geared towards individuals who want to enhance their value at work, make home their new workplace, or simply enrich their lives by increasing their knowledge.

Additionally, Delgado’s Office of Workforce Development Division provides personal, professional and customized training for a range of industries. Small business owners can retrain and upgrade their existing workforce, or individuals hoping to start a career in health care can be matched with the educational opportunities. Delgado’s Youth Occupational Skills Training prepares young people to enter high-demand areas and transition to work, resulting in further growth and development of local professionals who can contribute their talents to our region.

To register or learn more, visit or contact the department at (504) 671-6474 or

University of Holy Cross invites students of all ages and backgrounds to launch a meaningful career and live a life with purpose. Steeped in Catholic heritage and tradition, UHC promotes the ideals of service and care for others in an environment of mutual support and faith, where every student is more than just a number.

Set on a lush, serene campus just minutes from downtown New Orleans, UHC’s campus offers the best of both worlds. The student body is small enough to accommodate a personalized education experience, encouraging one-on-one engagement with educators, faculty and peers, while maintaining a larger community of compassion, care and accountability. Whether pursuing an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree, there’s a program to guide you through every stage of your career. Flexible scheduling also makes it easier than ever to balance continued education with an existing career.

The University of Holy Cross is a top choice for receiving a high-quality education without the debts typically associated with a private education; in fact, UHC graduates finish school with less debt than at any private college in the region. Financial aid and scholarship programs help students cover college costs, and academic skills center counselors host FAFSA Fridays every week to help applicants fill out the federal financial aid form.

With over 65 majors and programs and an average class size of 13, an education at University of Holy Cross is the first step toward maximizing your potential, achieving your dreams, and living the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

For more information on available programs and admissions, visit