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Community Sailing Sep 21 Caitlin Sistrunk


Community Sailing New Orleans positively impacts lives by providing accessible educational and recreational opportunities on Lake Pontchartrain for all in the region regardless of age, background, and abilities. Core to its mission is serving the low and moderate income and minority communities in metro New Orleans by providing access to a community asset that has been historically inaccessible to those large segments of the population.

Community Sailing New Orleans (CSNO) eliminates the economic and physical barriers to sailing, offering programs for youth, adults, and people with disabilities. The organization’s programs are much more than recreational—they teach Soft & Technical Skills, STEM Education, Vocational Training, and provide Therapeutic Recreation.

Built to serve over 2,300 individuals annually, CSNO utilizes the sport of sailing to develop independence and self-confidence, improve communication, foster teamwork, and acquire deep respect for the marine environment. Its programs also provide rehabilitation support and build additional workforce readiness skills such as focus, goal setting, problem solving, and conflict resolution.


Community Sailing Sept 21 Caitlin Sistrunk

Community Sailing New Orleans on Saturday, March 27, 2021. Photo by Chris Granger


CSNO invests in the future of New Orleans by building on the diversity and distinctive cultures that make the city unique. Sailing together creates a greater understanding of similarities and an appreciation of differences, keeps people safer in times of disaster, promotes confidence in young people, and opens minds to new possibilities.

In addition to increasing community unity and strength, donations help CSNO provide people the opportunity to enjoy the amazing resource that is Lake Pontchartrain. CSNO participates in Give NOLA Day, Mid-year Appeal, Navigator Circle Appeal (Major Donors), and End of the Year Appeal. To learn more or make your donation, visit


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101 N. Roadway Street
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