Clicktivated Brings Louisiana Travel and Consumers Closer Through Immersive Video Technology

NEW ORLEANS – To increase their interaction with travelers around the world, Louisiana Travel has partnered with Clicktivated, an interactive video platform for tourism. By leveraging Clicktivated’s technology, adventurers can explore destinations through video and discover information about individual locations, products, and activities unique to each destination – whether it is exploring an art museum or a craft brewery.

Clicktivated’s other travel partners include such tourism organizations as​ ​Pure Michigan​,​ ​​Explore Edmonton​, and​ ​Visit Saint Paul. According to the company, their partner sites have experienced a 68-percent average interaction rate within their videos.

The partnership between Louisiana Travel and Clicktivated was announced on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

“The need for simple travel planning solutions is more important than ever,” said Chris Roebuck, CEO and cofounder of Clicktivated. “As tourism destinations are looking for new ways to attract and engage potential visitors, the first step is to provide a frictionless user experience as they research their next trip. With Clicktivated’s technology, tourism brands can feature more personalized experiences and impactful video content for each potential visitor.”



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