Clementine Hunter Murals To Be Restored

MELROSE, LA (AP) — A set of murals by renowned Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter is being restored at the Melrose Plantation.

         Molly Dickerson, facility manager for the plantation, says the late Theodosia Murphy Nolan and the William C. and Theodosia Murphy Nolan Foundation donated more than $167,000 to the project.

         Hunter's set of murals can be found on the second floor of what is called the African House on Melrose's grounds.

         The paintings of Hunter, who died in 1988 at age 101, depict cotton picking, baptisms, funerals and other scenes of plantation life and can sell for thousands of dollars each.

         The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches, which owns Melrose, has raised funds and sought grants and donations to pay for the restoration. Nolan was a longtime member of APHN.


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