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Claudia Dixon, Consultant and Senior Accountant

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From the time she was young, Claudia Dixon has always been… clever. Raised by an educator, she was told she was “wise beyond her years,” attributed to an inquisitive mind and persistent spirit. Her road to accounting somehow started as a love for math while she attended Sacred Heart of Jesus School and later, St. Joseph’s Academy, both in her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Years later, she put those same skills to use during her tenure in banking and finance.

After 12 years in the corporate environment, the Baton Rouge native decided to apply her knowledge of financial analysis, management and accounting to her own firm, J Beck Accounting & Consulting, which provides full-service accounting solutions to individuals and businesses. Services include grant management, budgeting, payroll and financial coaching.

“I veered towards accounting because I love working with numbers—they’re so conclusive,” she says. “Also, the transition from banking to my own accounting firm was easier for my customers to digest.”

In addition to working as a consultant and accountant, Claudia is the co-founder of Music and Money, a non-profit that promotes financial and arts education using concepts found in popular music lyrics. The signature fundraiser, Emerald City, happens annually in May. A devoted mother of four, the primary focus throughout her life and career has been community-betterment through financial empowerment. Her aspirations are to continue investing in the communities where she lives and raises her children.

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