Claim Delays Top List of Hurricane Ida Complaints

Hurricane Ida Insurance
Debris and electrical wires are piled up in a front yard in Chauvin, La., on Sept. 27, 2021. (AP Photo/Jessie Wardarski)

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Department of Insurance said that nearly 80% of the 3,305 Hurricane Ida-related complaints it’s received are about homeowners insurance.

“Many Louisianians are still trying to pick up the pieces in their recovery from Hurricane Ida. I urge residents who are still having trouble with their insurance company to contact us now,” said Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon in a press release. “Policyholders should also know they have a right to a copy of their entire claim file, they can accept and spend and all payments on their claims and can file supplemental claims if they are not fully compensated for their loss unless they signed a release in settlement of their claim, and their claim for hurricane damage cannot be used to nonrenew their policy or increase their premium.”

Hurricane grievances have included complaints about various types of residential and auto insurance, as well as complaints about insurance agents and adjusters. The most common grievance was claim delay.

As of Ja, 1, 2,625 of the 3,305 Hurricane Ida-related complaints filed were related to homeowners insurance. LDI investigated and closed 1,962 of the 3,305 complaints by that date. The insurers with the 15 highest complaint index ratings are listed in the chart below.

The chart includes a complaint index that allows consumers to compare companies without regard to size. A company with a complaint index of 1 has an average number of complaints. A company with a complaint index rating higher than 1 has more complaints than average.


Company/Group Market Share Number of Complaints Complaint Index
Ocean Harbor Cas Insurance Company 0.053% 15 10.8257
American Reliable Insurance Company 0.004% 1 9.6887
Safepoint Insurance Company 0.047% 10 8.1845
Allied Trust Insurance Company 1.464% 258 6.7140
Southern Fidelity Insurance Company 2.097% 265 4.8140
Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company 0.027% 3 4.2718
Americas Insurance Company 1.310% 141 4.1015
GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company 1.634% 138 3.2165
IAT Reins Co Grp[1] 1.357% 113 3.1735
TWIMG Grp[2] 3.720% 284 2.9086
Stillwater Insurance Company 0.142% 1 2.6767
Bankers Specialty Insurance Company 0.862% 58 2.5634
FedNat Holding Co Grp[3] 3.947% 196 1.8919
HARTFORD FIRE & CAS GRP[4] 0.598% 25 1.5918
Scottsdale Insurance Company 0.231% 9 1.4827
Total for 15 Insurers with the Highest Complaint Index Rating   1,517  
Total Hurricane Homeowners Complaints   2,625  
Total Hurricane Complaints as of Jan. 1   3,305  


[1] Occidental Fire & Cas Co of NC – 87 | SafePort Ins Co – 25 | Wilshire Ins Co – 1

[2] Lighthouse Excalibur Ins Co – 251 | Lighthouse Prop Ins Corp – 33

[3] Maison Ins Co – 118 | FedNat Ins Co – 78

[4] Hartford Ins Co of the Midwest – 13 | Hartford Cas Ins Co – 6 | Property & Cas Ins Co of Hartford – 5 | Hartford Ins Co of the Southeast – 1


Policyholders who are having trouble with their insurance claims should call the Louisiana Department of Insurance for help at 800-259-5300 or file a complaint online at


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