Civil Service Commission Approves Parental Leave For City Employees

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans’ Civil Service Commission approved rules that will create a new category of leave for employees during the childbirth and adoption process. The new “Parental Leave,” as part of Mayor Landrieu’s Great Place to Work Initiative, grants additional weeks of paid leave on top of the employee’s accumulated sick and annual leave.  

         “Today’s vote is another step towards modernizing the City’s personnel system,” said Mayor Landrieu, Monday. “Through the Great Place to Work Initiative reforms, the City is a more attractive place for employees. We remain committed to delivering New Orleans residents a more effective government that responds to their needs. That starts with healthy City employees.”

         Civil Service Commissioner Michelle Craig said, "The Civil Service Commission is proud to move forward with approving rules that enable the Administration to enhance its leave policy. We continue to seek policies that allow for a more progressive work environment for all City of New Orleans employees."

         “Parental Leave” is defined as maternity, paternity, and adoptive parent leave due to childbirth, or the adoption process and permanent placement of an adoptive child. Under the new policy, employees may continue to take additional leave as permitted by the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) using sick, annual, or leave without pay.

         Civil Service Commissioner Rabbi Edward P. Cohn called the measure, “a huge step ahead”.

         Adoption of the new policy does not pose an immediate cost to the City. The City of New Orleans will maintain its contribution toward medical coverage for up to twelve (12) weeks of paid leave at the same level as if the employee were actively at work. Employees who are currently on maternity or FMLA leave at the time of the issuance of this policy will be credited the parental leave in accordance with this policy.

         Civil Service Commissioner Ron McClain, said "This policy is win-win-win for the City. It's a progressive move that is a great benefit for all City employees."

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