City To Deliver New Solid Waste Roll Carts In French Quarter And DDD

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans announced that new solid waste roll carts will be delivered to residents and businesses in the French Quarter and the Downtown Development District (DDD) beginning Thursday, June 25, 2015, as part of the City’s change in sanitation service providers.

         The new 35-gallon roll carts are the same size as the existing roll carts and feature the City’s logo. Only properties with an existing, City-issued roll cart will receive a replacement roll cart. The City’s sanitation service provider, Empire Services, expects to complete roll cart deliveries by Friday, July 10, 2015.

         Deputy Mayor & Chief Administrative Officer Andy Kopplin said, “The City is very pleased that the new contract with Empire Services delivers more services in the French Quarter and DDD at a reduced cost to our taxpayers. In addition to the delivery of new solid waste roll carts at no additional cost to the City, the new contract also called for smaller garbage trucks that operate on alternative fuels. The City’s contract also includes provisions to initiate glass recycling, which Empire Services is exploring.”

         The use of solid waste roll carts, with lids, is a critical element in the City’s efforts to combat the rodent population and litter in the French Quarter and DDD.

         City-issued roll carts are mandatory for all properties that do not have an approved exemption request on file with the Department of Sanitation. The City continues to make allowances for properties that do not have space to store roll carts off the public right-of-way, for persons with disabilities, and for the elderly. Properties with an approved exemption on file are allowed to use thick (3 ply or 0.5 mil or greater) black plastic bags. White trash bags, grocery bags, cardboard and paper bags are not acceptable for collection of solid waste.

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