City Releases 'ResultsNOLA' 2016 Mid-Year Performance Report

NEW ORLEANS – In keeping with his commitment to improve efficiency and effectiveness in City government, Mayor Mitch Landrieu released the ResultsNOLA 2016 mid-year performance report Friday, City reps said. This report includes results from more than 350 performance measures that align to Mayor Landrieu’s strategic priorities of public safety, sustainable and resilient communities, economic development, healthy children and families and open and effective government.

         Read the ResultsNOLA 2016 mid-year report here


         “When I took office in 2010, I committed to making City government more efficient, open and transparent so that our residents could hold us accountable,” said Mayor Landrieu. “The ResultsNOLA 2016 mid-year report allows us to see the goals we’ve reached and the areas on which we can continue to improve so that we can stay focused on our top priorities and deliver better results for our residents. We’ve made significant progress in many areas, and this report demonstrates that we are making changes and improving the quality of life for all New Orleanians.”

         The easy-to-understand report shows that City organizations met or exceeded a majority of performance targets, and over half of the citywide outcomes reported are trending favorably or even, City reps said.

         Highlights in the ResultsNOLA 2016 mid-year report include:


Public Safety

• While the number of calls for service during the first half of 2016 is up by 19% compared to the first half of 2015, NOPD has improved their response time for emergency calls to less than 2 minutes to dispatch, and less than 6 minutes from dispatch to arrival.


Sustainable Communities

• Sanitation has double the number of miles mechanically swept by this time last year.

• Department of Public Works is on pace to greatly surpass their target of 70,000 pothole repairs, having already completed 53,140 through June.

• City tennis courts average around 83 attendees per day, more than double the average at any point in 2015. Nearly 1,400 other people per day are making use of the City’s multiple recreation centers and swimming pools.


         Since taking office, Mayor Landrieu has committed to dramatically improving the accountability, transparency and performance of New Orleans City government, City reps said. In January 2011, Mayor Landrieu created the Office of Performance and Accountability (OPA) to implement a performance management system in which the City sets goals, tracks performance and gets better results through data-driven management decision-making and accountability to residents. He also required the office to submit regular reports on the City’s progress.

         In addition to the ResultsNOLA report, OPA developed a series of monthly STAT programs, or data-driven performance review meetings, for key initiatives. BlightSTAT, QualityofLifeSTAT, BottomLineSTAT ReqtoCheckSTAT and CustomerServiceSTAT meetings are open to the public.

         ResultsNOLA is a three-time winner of the Certificate of Excellence from the International City/ County Management Association Center for Performance Analytics, recognizing and rewarding local government performance management programs for comparative analysis and transparency.

         View previous quarterly reports, STAT meeting presentations and a calendar with upcoming STAT meetings here.

         On September, 1, 2016, Mayor Landrieu signed an executive order establishing an Open Data Policy, which instituted citywide standards for collecting, maintaining and cataloging data that is free and open to the public.

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