City Re-Opens Application Process For Certificates Of Public Necessity And Convenience

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans announced that the Taxicab and For Hire Vehicle Bureau has re-opened the application process for qualified individuals or companies to apply for Certificates of Public Necessity and Convenience (CPNCs). The application window has been reopened to allow the application and hearing process to reflect the changes in industry regulations which the City Council adopted since the last application period. All limousine CPNC applications heard at the Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, hearing will be allowed to amend or supplement the documentation previously provided.

         The application deadline is Monday, Jan. 12, 2015. A public hearing on all applications will be held on Friday, Jan. 23, 2015. In compliance with Section 162-185, all applications and public comment will be evaluated to determine how the applications will impact the for-hire market and address public necessity and convenience.

         All applicants for new CPNCs must address the award criteria of Section 162-185 in addition to supplemental criteria established by the Department of Safety and Permits. Application instructions, eligibility requirements, details on the selection process and a printable application form are available online by following this link.

         Applications should be returned in person to the Taxicab and For Hire Vehicle Bureau at City Hall, 1300 Perdido St., Suite 7W05.

         In April of 2012, the City Council passed sweeping taxicab reforms recommended by the Landrieu Administration. The reforms have already improved vehicle standards, CPNC standards, and driver and passenger safety. The changes brought significant improvements to the New Orleans taxicab industry by requiring newer, cleaner vehicles, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and credit card machines in all cars.  Earlier this year, the City Council updated the City’s limousine regulations to allow for use of third-party applications in booking luxury vehicles, allows applications and services to prearrange transportation for customers with licensed limousine and luxury for hire vehicles in New Orleans. The changes also created a better pricing structure for consumers for these types of services.

         Landrieu Administration reps say they are committed to continuing to work with all for hire industry stakeholders to continue to improve equity, enforcement and customer service among all for hire industry sectors.

         CPNCs may be awarded via lottery according to the discretion of the Director of Safety and Permits; award determinations will be made during the week of Jan. 26, 2015.

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