City Planning Commission Votes To Ban Entire Home Short Term Rentals

NEW ORLEANS – Yesterday, The City Planning Commission voted again to recommend to the New Orleans City Council to make the practice of renting entire homes on a short term basis illegal throughout the City.

         According to New Orleans Advocate’s Jeff Adelson the Commission took 6 hours to come to the unanimous decision after listening to public debate and comment at City Hall.

         Adelson reports Commissioner Nolan Marshall III said the practice would disrupt the housing market and profiteer from the losses suffered by previous homeowners after Hurricane Katrina. He also said whole house short term rentals would cause prices and taxes to rise on neighboring properties.

         Adelson reports the Commission approved unlimited short-term rentals in areas not zoned residential but have condos or multifamily complexes, which would include properties in the Central Business District and the French Quarter.

         The City Council will receive the City Planning Commission’s advice, but is not required to adopt their recommendations, Adelson reports.

         Adelson reports despite current rules that make renting out a home for less than 30 days, or 60 days in the French Quarter, illegal, lax enforcement has led to rampant renting of homes on Airbnb and HomeAway in historic neighborhoods.

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