City Launches New Online Tool To Track Road Construction Across N.O.

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans launched a new online tool to track the progress of roadwork projects and infrastructure improvements across the city today.

         The new website shows ongoing coordination on road construction by the City’s Department of Public Work (DPW), Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (S&WB), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Damage Reduction Project (SELA), and Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

         The City will update projects monthly, providing residents the most accurate view of infrastructure improvements occurring across New Orleans. The project is a collaboration between DPW and S&WB under the City’s Integrated Infrastructure Management System designed to coordinate all infrastructure projects and repairs to ensure that they are performed properly and completed in a timely manner.

         “Since taking office in 2010, my administration has been committed to providing an open and transparent government that responds to the needs of our residents,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. “With hundreds of millions of dollars in major road and infrastructure improvements hitting our streets, we are working harder than ever to make sure this roadwork is fully coordinated. This new website is another tool for our residents to be better informed of roadwork in their neighborhoods and plan ahead to avoid construction-related traffic disruptions when getting around town. This work is unprecedented in our city’s history as literally billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements are underway that will make New Orleans not only stronger, but more resilient.”




         S&WB is currently implementing a $3.3 billion capital improvement program comprised of over 600 projects that will create 25,000 construction jobs across the city. Through the rate increase approved by New Orleans City Council in 2012, bond rating upgrades for sewer and water, and the recent bond sale, S&WB’s capital improvement program is funded for the first time in 25 years. This work is being paired with the City’s $1 billion recovery program combining to create one of the largest infrastructure improvement efforts in the history of New Orleans.




         In August 2014, the City and S&WB entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement to establish an Integrated Infrastructure Management System. Now, all capital improvement and infrastructure projects are fully coordinated as City and S&WB personnel coordinate jointly on projects including construction, acquisition, improvement, maintenance, and promotion of any public improvement or project, specifically including activities related to public utilities, sewerage, flood control, drainage, and streets. The new website is a direct result of this enhanced coordination.

         Cedric Grant, Executive Director of S&WB said, “Through the City’s Integrated Infrastructure Management System, we are now positioned to not only repair our aging infrastructure, but build a more resilient system that can handle the challenges of the future. We are making great strides and continue to ask for residents’ patience as we continue forward. This new website is a great way for them to stay informed on our progress.”

         The new website provides project details including current timeline, scope of work, and a link to a full project description and allows individuals to search the by municipal address.

         The following infrastructure projects are currently being tracked on the website:


• Recovery Roads Program: A comprehensive, FEMA-funded program to repair Hurricane Katrina-related damages on and beneath City-managed streets throughout New Orleans. Scope of work may include repairs or replacement of roadway, sidewalk, minor drainage lines, and waterlines. (Approximately $440 million)


• Emergency Sewer System Assessment (ESSA): FEMA-funded sewer line replacement necessary as a result of Hurricane Katrina. ($48 million)

Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program (SSERP): S&WB-funded sewer line repairs and replacements mandated by an EPA consent decree. ($37.4 million)


• Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Damage Reduction Project (SELA): S&WB and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-funded program to reduce the risk of flood damage caused by rainfall events. ($1.7 billion total funding with a $425 million S&WB cost-share)


• DPW bond and capital projects: A host of public works infrastructure projects encompassing paving, striping, drainage repairs, and rehabilitation of roadways funded by bond sales, Community Development Block Grants, Capital Outlay Funds or private contributions. (Approximately $500 million)


• RTA projects: Capital infrastructure improvements. ($41 million)


         The City is actively managing these infrastructure projects, adjusting timelines and the sequence of construction as needed to accommodate changes in project scope as they occur and minimize traffic disruptions and construction impacts to residents and businesses.

         Later this year, the City will integrate additional features to the website including: traffic coordination, neighborhood boundaries, neighborhood association boundaries, Police/Fire/EMS overlays, Entergy projects, and downloadable project maps and schedules.

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