City Hosts Second Line Parade to Celebrate Successful Startups

Central Business District, Skyscrapers And Gallier Hall, New Orl
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NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans is hosting a second line parade to honor the success of several local startups in 2021. The event will begin at 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 21 in front of Gallier Hall. After the parade, nonprofit startup accelerator Idea Village will host a party at the Ace Hotel (600 Carondelet St.)

“It’s been an incredible year for local startup success, and Mayor Cantrell’s celebration is simply the cherry on top,” said a spokesperson for the Idea Village in an email to supporters. “To recap, no less than nine New Orleans-based companies have achieved ‘exits’ this year, representing more than $2 billion in realized value. Exits signal outside interest in what New Orleans is building and are a critical stage of the startup life cycle. Collectively, New Orleans’ string of exits demonstrate immense momentum and health for our homegrown startup community, and show that we are poised to create additional value and investment in New Orleans.”

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