City Hosts 15th STRIVE NOLA Graduation

NOPD Chief Harrison presents Excellence in Service awards to STRIVE NOLA graduates recognizing their interests in public safety, leadership and employment.

NEW ORLEANS— The City of New Orleans hosted STRIVE New Orleans (STRIVE NOLA) graduation ceremony for Cohort 15 on Friday, Aug. 4. Launched in March 2015, STRIVE NOLA seeks to connect disadvantaged jobseekers to employment opportunities by providing workforce case management, job readiness training and supportive services.

         “STRIVE NOLA is a major part of the City’s Economic Opportunity Strategy giving the men and women of New Orleans the resources and tools they need to be ready for work,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu. “In 2014, we launched the Network for Economic Opportunity to create pathways to prosperity for residents and ensure that everyone could benefit from the City’s growth. STRIVE NOLA helps us to achieve that.”

         STRIVE NOLA is in line with Mayor Landrieu’s Economic Opportunity Strategy—a comprehensive effort to connect disadvantaged jobseekers and businesses to new opportunities by working to ensure that every resident can take part in the city’s economic growth through partnerships with local training providers, social service agencies and community advocates, City reps said. This year, the City announced that the African-American male non-employment rate is down from 52 percent to 44 percent.

         Along with receiving certificates, graduates also received Excellence in Service awards from NOPD Chief Michael Harrison. The certificate recognizes graduates’ time spent with Chief Harrison and other members of the NOPD learning about public safety, leadership and employment. During this special training, graduates also learned about the work of NOPD and opportunities to get involved. Cohort 15 was the first cohort to receive this honor.

         NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said, “I was greatly impressed with the men and women of STRIVE Cohort 15 when my leadership team and I had the opportunity to meet with them and help lay out some of the qualities that we look for in our own hiring process. Through the STRIVE program, they have been able to hone their skill-sets and focus their efforts on improving their lives.”

         STRIVE NOLA and the work of the Network for Economic Opportunity are extensions of the City’s larger efforts to creating opportunities for all citizens by facilitating, linking and leveraging partnerships and resources, City reps said.

         “We remain committed to investing in the people of New Orleans and ensuring that we are giving residents real opportunities to succeed,” said Judy Reese Morse, Deputy Mayor for Citywide Initiatives. “With the help of our committed partners, we are working to create pathways to prosperity, especially for our disadvantaged residents.”

         STRIVE NOLA prepares and connects local jobseekers, specifically African-American males, to career pathways through local anchor institutions. During the four-week job readiness training program, participants arrive to work daily dressed professionally from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

         “STRIVE NOLA is a key workforce development initiative that’s changing the lives of people across New Orleans,” said Ashleigh Gardere, senior advisor for economic opportunity and executive director of the Network for Economic Opportunity. “We are proud of the work of Cohort 15 and look forward to continuing the work of creating opportunities for success for all New Orleanians.”

         The STRIVE employment model ensures that every client is not only ready to find a job, but also ready to keep it through five components: CORE Attitudinal and Job Readiness, Skills Training, Workforce Case Management, Job Placement and Job Retention.


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