City Councilmembers Release Statement About Violent Crimes

"police Line Do Not Cross" In New Orleans, Usa
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NEW ORLEANS — City Councilmembers Helena Moreno, J.P. Morrell, Joe Giarusso, Lesli Harris and Freddie King released the following statement in response to two violent crimes that made headlines on Monday, March 21:

“While we don’t want to sensationalize the worst of our dear city, the rash of violence is evidence of a pandemic in our streets. A pandemic that requires constant urgent attention to address.

The brazen nature of these crimes shows a complete disregard for human life and our fellow New Orleanians. 

Four people were murdered today. The total citywide is 62 murders so far this year, compared to 42 murders year to date in 2021.

No one should suffer the type of horror inflicted upon our people – and no one should have to deal with the trauma that it leaves behind. 

But none of these words matter. Until the city’s actions meet the urgency of our words, there will be no change.  

The council is exploring best use of federal dollars to address violence through preventive and responsive measures along with reviewing effectiveness of anti-violence programs operated and funded by the city. 

We hope and pray for peace – for the families and for our city. Now, we implore anyone with information connected to these heinous crimes to come forward now.”

Contact your local precinct or call the NOPD information line at (504) 658-5300.

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