City Contractors Metro Services, Richard’s Disposal Providing New Trash Carts To Residents

NEW ORLEANS—The City of New Orleans announced two of the city’s sanitation contractors, Richard’s Disposal and Metro Services, are in the process of replacing all 95-gallon trash carts for eligible residents and small businesses. This effort is the result of the new solid waste contracts, which resulted in approximately $4 million in savings to the citizens of New Orleans, city reps said. As part of this process, the contractors are placing new carts at eligible properties and removing the old carts by April 30.

         Both Metro Services and Richard’s Disposal are contractually obligated to replace the trash carts. Many trash carts have been in service for their estimated lifespan of 10 years and more frequent break downs have occurred, which can attract insects and rodents and contribute to windblown litter in neighborhoods.

         To ensure timely replacement, it is essential that residents place their old carts curbside at each scheduled collection day. If the old cart is not curbside to be picked up when the new cart is delivered, residents are advised to continue to use their old cart, place it on the curb at each pick-up day, and it will be picked up by the end of April. Residents that have had their old cart removed, should expect to receive their new cart no later than the next collection day. If residents have not received their carts in that time frame, they should call 311 to report the issue, city reps said.

         At this time, 95 percent of residents in Metro Services’ area have received their new carts except for a small section of New Orleans East, city reps said. Richard’s Disposal has started delivering carts in the following neighborhoods: Algiers, Esplanade, City Park, Audubon, Broadway, So. Claiborne and Toledano. All eligible properties in the areas served by Metro Services (Service Area 1) and Richard’s Disposal (Service Area 2) will receive new trash carts by the end of April. Ineligible properties (hotels, bars, restaurants or properties with more than four units) will not receive carts.

         The City of New Orleans offers bi-weekly curbside trash collection to eligible residents and small businesses courtesy of Richard’s Disposal (properties located in Algiers and primarily north of I-10) or Metro Services (properties located primarily south of I-10). The French Quarter and Downtown Development District are serviced under a separate set of collection regulations and schedules by Empire Services.

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