CIS Uses New Catheter to Treat Peripheral Disease

L to R: Paul Poronto (Nipro), Craig Liss (Nipro), Dr. Craig Walker, Dr. Pradeep Nair and Kelly Macielak (Nipro)

GRAY, La. – Pradeep Nair, an interventional cardiologist, said he is the first in the nation to use the Infraredx Clarispro High-Definition Intravascular Ultrasound catheter to treat peripheral vascular disease. The first procedure took place on Dec. 13 at the Cardiovascular Institute of the South Ambulatory Surgery Center.

The Infraredx Clarispro HD-IVUS is said to be the only extended bandwidth catheter that “brings a crisper image and greater depth of field than any other HD-IVUS catheter on the market.” Nair said sharper images make it easier for physicians to identify the lumen, or cavity inside the vessel, to determine the presence of plaque buildup. Overall, it offers a better visual of the vessel structure for physicians to more effectively treat vascular disease.  

“The superior image quality and clarity of Infraredx Clarispro are unprecedented,” said Nair. “It is easy to use, there is no contrast required, and it allows precise therapy to be delivered to the patient.”

Founded by Dr. Craig Walker in 1983, Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) specializes in preventing, detecting and treating cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease.

The Infraredx Clarispro HD-IVUS is manufactured by Infraredx, a Massachusetts-based company purchased in 2015 by Japan’s Nipro Corporation.

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