CIS Uses Intrasight Mobile Intravascular Ultrasound System

Thibodaux Intrasight Mobile
L to R: Kevin Mulligan, Phillips; Elizabeth Harrington, RN; Joe Jackson, RN; Morgan Becnel, RN; Ross Melvin, DO; Cassie Pertuit, RN; Shanequa Roberson, RT; and Jerad Stutes, Phillips

THIBODAUX, La. — From the Cardiovascular Institute of the South:

CIS is the first in Louisiana to use the InstraSight 5 Mobile Intravascular Ultrasound System, an interventional applications platform by Philips for use during interventional procedures in catheterization labs. CIS interventional cardiologist Ross Melvin performed the first cases with this new system on Dec. 7 at Thibodaux Regional Health System.

This new technology brings together imaging and physiology applications on a mobile system to treat both coronary and peripheral artery disease. It features intravascular ultrasound imaging which uses a probe to generate sound waves to produce images of the inside of the blood vessels. Physicians can take physiologic measurements to accurately identify the location of lesions causing lack of blood flow. It also offers physicians the opportunity to run an entire case without “breaking scrub,” keeping a sterile environment. This customizable system includes a touchscreen panel PC and module mounted on an easy-to-maneuver cart. The scalable platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of a cath lab and can be used in hospital or office-based labs. Much like today’s smartphones, the applications-based platform allows for easy, quick updates as new innovations are released.

“This system enhances the level of technology in the cath lab, allowing for seamless workflow during these procedures,” said Melvin. “It is a smart and simple solution that gives us the most innovative tools to treat patients with coronary disease in the heart and peripheral disease in the arteries and veins of the legs. We are proud to offer this technology to bring our patients more advanced options in diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.”

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