Children’s Hospital Providing Vaccinations, Resources for Schools

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NEW ORLEANS – Children’s Hospital said it is currently providing COVID-19 vaccinations to school nurses and school team members age 70 and above under Louisiana’s “Phase 1B Tier 1” distribution guidelines.

In partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, Children’s Hospital New Orleans is also serving as a resource for schools across Louisiana and providing guidance on best practices, resources and robust testing for COVID-19 as part of Children’s ThriveKids Student Wellness Project. 

“This is an important moment in our fight against COVID-19 and a reflection of Children’s Hospital’s ongoing commitment to do the right thing for kids,” says John R. Nickens IV, president and CEO of Children’s Hospital New Orleans. “Children’s is dedicating significant resources toward vaccination for school team members because we know the faster we can vaccinate, the faster we can get back to normal learning environments for our children – a day we are all incredibly hopeful for.”

Children’s Hospital’s ThriveKids team is coordinating directly with area public and private schools to plan for widespread vaccination of all school team members as soon as Tier 2 distribution begins. The hospital is preparing to provide as many as 20,000 vaccines within the first six weeks of Phase 1B Tier 2 distribution.

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccine distribution for school team members, email or call 504.894.5109.

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