Cheers to Your Health!

Editor’s Note

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease or catch a few invisible waves, all while working off that Poor boy you took down for lunch. Finally, end the day with a nice, cold beer made just steps from your seat at the bar.

How’s that for a way to spend a hot summer night in Southeast Louisiana?

While the outdoor living is…well, not so great right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options for having a good time and getting a good workout. In this issue we explore the national craft beer craze and how it’s slowly making its way to Southeast Louisiana. Given New Orleans’ reputation as a good time city packed with creativity and individuality, it seems surprising that we are lagging on an industry that thrives on both these qualities. Plus, it’s beer. Cheers to catching up!

If, like me, you commonly spend your mornings on a nice run through Audubon or City Park and now it’s gotten so hot you’re having to reluctantly retreat indoors, check out our second feature this month — it gives you plenty of creative options to get fit while also having something fun to post on Facebook.

In this issue we’re also excited to bring you the story of a company that’s challenging the norm of a male-dominated industry (Q&A on page 82) and another destined to be a household name in portable power (Why Didn’t I Think of That on page 90).

As always, if you know of a great person, company or industry we should be covering, please drop us a line. Is there a topic you’d like to know more about? A particular problem plaguing your business? A great office or new hire you’d like to see celebrated? Let us know. We’d love to give it the coverage it deserves.

Happy Reading!


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