Chapelle High School Gets New STEM Center

METAIRIE, LA – Archbishop Chapelle High School's new STEM Center located on the second floor of their renovated main building at 8800 Veterans Memorial Blvd., will include three large labs equipped with the latest technology for students.

         This spring, students will start to use the labs, each double the size of regular classrooms. They will be designated for Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science, but will also be accessible to other classes for interdisciplinary learning.

         Every science class will be able to do more lab assignments, and Chapelle will be offering a new Biology Dual Enrollment course this fall.

         The labs are designed to be multipurpose with mobile student lab stations that will allow students to move freely around the labs for collaborative group work. Teacher stations will be able to perform any number of demonstrations that students can follow as they complete experiments and track and analyze data on individualized Google Chrome Books.

         The STEM Center will be equipped with new cabinets, sinks, gas/ electric, work stations, and all necessary laboratory equipment. The labs will also have the latest innovative technology available for students; such as wireless projectors, new whiteboard technology and digital writing presenters like the Mimio Teach.

         Chapelle's STEM Center is an interdisciplinary initiative that will provide increased work space and collaborative learning across many subjects, including Integrated Science and Robotics Engineering.

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