Chamber Arrives At Camp Minden For Destruction Of M6 Propellant

MINDEN, LA (AP) — The contained burn chamber that will be used by Explosive Service International to dispose of more than 15 million pounds of M6 propellant and Clean Burning Igniter has arrived at Camp Minden.

         The Times reports the trip included a 127-mile journey by truck and trailer in Oklahoma to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa where it was shipped to Louisiana and arrived at the Port of Natchitoches Feb. 2. The burn chamber departed by truck on Monday for the 80-mile journey to Camp Minden. It arrived on Thursday.

         Burning of the explosives is expected to begin in April. Once testing is complete and the chamber is fully operational, officials estimate it will take less than a year to destroy the explosives.

         A $35 million disposal effort began after a 2012 explosion rocked storage facilities leased by Explo Systems.

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