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Benny’s fondest memories at Cenac have been shared with family. Pictured are his two sons and late father, Arlen B. Cenac at a boat christening.


Three generations of the Cenac family have led Cenac Marine Services — and upheld its deeply rooted values — since the company was founded in 1927. The family legacy was started by Jock Cenac, who believed that excellent customer service and outstanding employee morale were the keys to success and longevity for any business. More than 90 years later, and after passing through the care of Jock’s son, Arlen Sr., and current owner, Benny Cenac, those values have withstood the test of time.

“The maritime industry is in my DNA,” says Benny Cenac. “Beginning with the humble roots of our company started by my grandfather and continued by my father, I have always been driven by their work ethic, sustained excellence and commitment to quality.”

Over Cenac Marine’s lifetime, the maritime industry has made great strides in innovation and technology, and the company has evolved in turn. Keeping up with and embracing new ways to do business and serve customers is one of the many ways the company — and Cenac himself — ensures the prosperity of the region and state.

And because of its ancestral beginnings, Cenac takes care to make his company feel like a second home for his employees. His philosophy is simple but effective: take care of your people, and they’ll take care of you. Cenac exemplifies that principle through every facet of his company, whether that means providing outstanding benefits and resources or simply offering support. He maintains an open door policy for all his staff — or in the time of social distancing, an open phone line.

“The most important value that was instilled in me was the unique opportunity a family-owned business can capitalize on,” Cenac says. “The company has grown larger and larger but has never lost sight of the benefits of treating everyone like family. This foundational belief has not hindered growth but enhanced it, as generations of employees have made Cenac a leader in the industry.”

When obstacles do arise, as they certainly have in 2020, the team at Cenac Marine Services is well-equipped to meet any challenge proactively and unitedly. As the winner of a Safest 70 award from the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation, the company reinforced its reputation as a leader in safety by enforcing strict guidelines to protect the health of all employees, partners and their families during the pandemic.

“The challenges brought this year have certainly been unique. However, my father and my grandfather faced many unique challenges over the years,” Cenac says. “Their dedication, persistence, and determination are all ingrained in me as I watched them navigate through obstacles over the years. Their spirit lives in me as we tackle yet another obstacle in our way. The team here at Cenac has always risen to the occasion under difficult circumstances.”

Cenac is equally passionate about supporting his local community through philanthropy, another virtue instilled in him by his father and grandfather. Coastal restoration and climate conservation are of profound importance to him, and he strives to make a difference by volunteering his time with organizations like Restore or Retreat, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation.

Through it all, Cenac never loses sight of what makes Cenac Marine’s success, prestige and resiliency possible: the vision and dedication of the family members who paved the way before him.

“My biggest accomplishment at Cenac Marine is growing the company and never losing sight of the foundation it was built on,” Cenac says. “This company’s success is largely based on the work ethic and commitment from my father and grandfather. I am proud to be able to continue that today.”



Benny Cenac, Jr. is the owner of Louisiana’s largest privately owned refuge, Golden Ranch Farms, where he raises various animals, including blackbuck antelope, oryx, Père David’s deer, axis, elk, sika and even zebras.


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