Capital One, Greater New Orleans, Inc. Launch IT Everywhere Program

Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

NEW ORLEANS – Today, Capital One and Greater New Orleans, Inc., hosted the first event in the IT Everywhere program. IT Everywhere will empower education stakeholders, from counselors to Digital Media instructors to individual students, to effectively advocate for and opt into education and training opportunities that will link students into high-wage, high-demand IT careers across the GNO economy, GNO, Inc. reps said.

         “As part of our Future Edge initiative, Capital One is addressing the digital skills gap through partnerships, community grants, and support for digital skills training,” said Karen DeBlieux, Southeast Louisiana Market President for Capital One Bank. “We’re proud to partner with GNO, Inc., to address areas of critical need that impact the greater New Orleans region’s ability to grow and prosper in the digital age. The IT Everywhere program will enhance the knowledge and capabilities of educators who are helping local students from low- and moderate-income families get started down the path of becoming leaders and innovators right here in our community. And participating students will learn about IT occupations and opportunities in our regional economy.”

         These sessions will offer public high school counselors the opportunity to experience the array of IT jobs available at diverse employers throughout in the GNO region. This is an opportunity for educators to update their knowledge of and familiarity with current workplace practices, requirements, and tools by gaining an “on the ground” understanding of economic and career trends that will affect their students, GNO, Inc. reps said.

         The IT Everywhere program will emphasize 21st Century career opportunities that exist in the Greater New Orleans region. Educators will be exposed to the numerous ways technology is being used in traditional businesses. Furthermore, they will learn more about the pathways that have led professionals to these jobs, providing students with a framework for entering the workforce.

         There will be four IT Everywhere sessions, with specific areas of expertise highlighted in each location:


• Friday, September 9, 2016: City of New Orleans

The City of New Orleans has used IT and technology to create social outcomes that impact crime, transportation, permitting and many other services for its citizenry.


• Friday, October 7, 2016: SPAWAR

With functions to support the military, SPAWAR engages in activities that involve robotics, engineering and cybersecurity.


• Friday, November 11, 2016: Ochsner Medical System

The company has created its own IT data system, which is being used as a model for innovation within the medical industry.


• Friday, December 2, 2016: New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

A full range of creative and multimedia functions for the organizations, including A/V production, video editing and multimedia file management.


         "This program will ensure that students in the Greater New Orleans region are being guided towards high-demand career paths that currently may not be at the top of the minds of educators and counselors," said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. "The locations that will be visited during this initiative represent the wide range of companies that employ IT professionals and will serve as a impactful point of exposure for the men and women that guide local students into the workforce. We applaud Capital One's continued commitment to the growth of the Greater New Orleans region."

         The specific components of IT Everywhere will include (1) IT-focused exposure sessions and (2) subsequent virtual sessions held on GNO, Inc.’s customized GNO Nepris platform. These programs were named the “Most Effective” statewide career awareness and exploration initiative, by the Louisiana Department of Education, in the spring of 2015, GNO, Inc. reps said.

         Each session will feature:


• State of the Sector and Workforce Opportunities Presentation, outlining industry needs and pathways for education

• Corporate Overview and IT Department Overview of Host Employer

• Virtual or Guided Tour of IT facilities

• Panel discussion with 3-5 IT staff members of the host company

• Aligned Education and Training Opportunities


         This program is made possible by the support of Capital One, in support of the Greater New Orleans community and its residents, GNO, Inc. reps said.


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