Camelback Ventures CEO to Step Down in 2024


NEW ORLEANS — On May 4, Camelback Ventures founder Aaron T. Walker announced that he will be departing from his role as chief executive officer in early 2024 to pursue a new opportunity. He said he will remain a part of the nonprofit organization’s board of directors.

Since its founding in 2015, Camelback has invested more than $10 million to support undervalued founders leading social impact ventures across the country. Under Walker’s leadership, it became one of the first national accelerators dedicated to supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs across the country. Today, Camelback works with major foundations to make their funding and investment practices more equitable.

“Founding a company is like parenting,” wrote Walker in a blog post. “There are many books on the subject. It looks easier from the outside than actually having to live into your responsibilities everyday. It is totally consuming. And even on the hardest days you love this other thing more than you love yourself. What I’ve come to believe is that just as children don’t belong to parents, companies do not belong to founders. We’re entrusted with a gift that life has given us. And that one day we must give it back. It is time for me to give the gift of Camelback back so that someone else can lead.”

Read Walker’s complete message.

Walker founded Camelback Ventures in 2015 in response to the challenges he faced as a Black founder securing venture capital. He said he plans to stay connected to the Camelback community as he pursues a new opportunity connected to the social impact ecosystem.

“We cannot thank Aaron enough for the passion and vision that has increased funding and access to opportunity for diverse leaders to take their promising ideas to the next level,” said Wendy Bronfin, Camelback Ventures board member. “His dedicated leadership established Camelback Ventures as a national leader in the social impact space. He has built an ecosystem of support and grown Camelback with a smart, driven and ambitious team that will continue to drive Camelback Ventures’ critical mission forward.” 

Camelback’s search for a new CEO will launch this fall led by an executive search firm. The organization hopes to announce Walker’s successor by early 2024.

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