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“Consumers are doing more product research on brand websites, search engines and social media. But this type of engagement was completely disconnected from inventory that’s down the street. Unlike restaurants, movie theaters or big box retailers, you couldn’t look online to see what’s at local stores. Locally set out to fix that seven years ago and make local inventory visible.” – Mike Massey, third generation owner of Massey’s Outfitters, who teamed with Ben Hirsch and Dirty Coast Founder Blake Haney to form a tech company called Locally that helps online shoppers find local inventory. The company now has more than 20 team members across the country and more than 400 global brand partners, including Patagonia, New Balance, Yeti and Crocs. Locally’s team works with roughly 10,000 global retailers to capture their inventory data and uses search engine optimization and e-commerce tactics to guide shoppers toward local pickup and delivery rather than having an item shipped.



How about we put it on Carrollton Avenue? How about Oak Street? We can have a ramp that comes down. And nobody wants it. So, if you don’t want it, we don’t want it, either.
Amy Stelly, local activist, planner and designer speaking on BizTalks podcast episode 54 about why a part of the Claiborne Expressway needs to come down.


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Podcast Treyburvant 1

Episode 58
Production Value — Second Line Stages Says the New Orleans Movie Business is Booming
Trey Burvant, vice president of studio operations at Second Line Stages, discusses the state of the city’s film industry as it makes an impressive rebound from the pandemic shutdown.


Podcast Hogscause 1

Episode 57
High on the Hog — Hogs for the Cause Returns
Festival season is back!!! And kicking it off is the 13th iteration of Hogs for the Cause — one of the largest barbecue competitions and music festivals in the country. Founders Becker Hall and Rene Louapre give us the inside scoop.


Podcast Mattschwartz

Episode 56
Decade of Development — South Market District Celebrates a Milestone
On the 10th anniversary of the $300 million South Market District, Matt Schwartz, co-CEO of The Domain Companies, shares how the development came to be, what’s next for the area and what other projects are on the horizon for Domain.