Brittany R. Major

President/CEO | Major Services

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Brittany R. Major

President/CEO | Major Servicesp
Fun Fact
My favorite book is Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. This enlightening book has had an enormous impact on my life and my ability to be present in each moment while growing personally, professionally, and spiritually.


What have been some of your biggest challenges? Biggest successes?
Although not fully scripted, before I left home for college I knew I wanted to succeed my father and take the reins of the family business. The other non-negotiable milestone I set for myself was obtaining my MBA. I’d say my biggest successes have been accomplishing all the mini milestones that led me to accomplishing two of my biggest career goals.

With success comes challenges, and within two years of my new role as CEO, I was faced with a global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other businesses, the uncertainty during the onset of the pandemic presented significant challenges. Not knowing the impact of what such a global crisis might bring certainly caused some anxiety. But as a business owner, I had to rise to the occasion each day with the optimism and dedication to make each day better than the last. Being on this side of the pandemic as a stable IT firm still persisting and supporting the needs of private and public organizations is a success within itself.

How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life?
I consider personal overall wellness to be a key ingredient for both my personal and professional lives, and I have learned that establishing a concrete workout schedule is instrumental to my overall wellness. I set the tone of each day with a workout, and during that time, I only focus on personal well-being and being present for the moment.

Having a clear delineation between personal and professional life is difficult because it is nearly impossible to completely turn off “business,” but there are periods of time necessary for any business leader when the phone should go on “Do Not Disturb” mode. I find when I take time for myself or my family, it allows me to reset and recharge and appreciate what truly matters in life.

Which changes or innovations do you hope to see for your company or industry in the next five years?
In my industry, cybersecurity and the integrity of networks is critical as businesses rely on cloud and other technologies to operate and thrive. We have recently seen more and more agencies of all sizes and locales getting hit by cyberattacks—even smaller cities that might say “Not me! Why would anyone want our data?”

I think what every company or agency—big or small—should realize is that everyone’s data is valuable and at risk and must be protected. I hope to see more government regulations imposed on cybersecurity crimes, and I think businesses like Major Services will implement more strategies to protect clients.

In your experience, what are the keys to maintaining a healthy and productive company culture?
A healthy and productive company culture stems from kindness and open communication. I lead with these key principles: treat others how you wish to be treated, be honest, and be transparent. Conversations are not always easy, and certainly there will be differing opinions, but we can always have respectful communication leading us to creative and innovative solutions.

Who have been some of the greatest influences on your career or leadership style?
My parents remain the greatest influence on my life and career. My brother and I were raised by two parents who worked every day yet made sure we enjoyed quality family time. Their unmatched work ethic over five plus decades has given me a foundation that not only motivates me every day but allows me to lead by example.



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