Bourgeois Bennett

Tax, Estate and Pension Group – Left to right – Jessica Reilly, Rachael Dupuy, Ellen Yellin, Jennifer McGinnis,
Debi LaJaunie, Susan Russell, Ken Franz, Marcie duQuesnay (photo missing)


Forensic Accounting Group – Left to Right Philip Monteleone, Li Downing, George Panzeca, Teresa Krentel, Tyler Nichols

“All of the group members hold multiple graduate degrees and credentials.”

Bourgeois Bennett, which will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2023, has a reputation for placing the client first. That reputation carries through in all of their services, from taxes and accounting to financial reporting, estate planning, litigation and class action consulting, among other specialties. Following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, opportunities for taxpayers to save money have emerged; chief among them is a provision that provides benefits to taxpayers who make investments in economically distressed areas. Bourgeois Bennett is poised to help clients take advantage of that benefit and many others, providing a plan of action customized to each client.

The Firm is one of the few locally-owned CPA firms with an Employee Benefits and Planning department, which handles a full range of services based on client needs. Whether a business needs a one-participant retirement plan or one that numbers in the hundreds, the Firm has a plan for them. Their expertise in this and other areas cements what their clients already know: Bourgeois Bennett is not a typical CPA firm.

The forensic accounting group is yet another example of Bourgeois Bennett’s status; all of the group members hold multiple graduate degrees and credentials. It stands head and shoulders above similar groups, both in experience (dating back to 1985) and the level of service. This unique skill set helps them provide highly-specialized class action and mass tort litigation services. Clients have access to personnel equipped with databases, systems, accounting and tax expertise, all devoted entirely to consultation.

As the accounting field grows and changes in the coming years, Bourgeois Bennett predicts—and is already seeing—an increase in shareholder/family disputes and a higher volume of business valuation needs as older clients seek to retire. The Firm’s employees have also begun outreach to clients on a more proactive basis. Their aim is to get in touch with these clients before the lawsuit and before potential fraud—so they can help with risks, costs and benefits every step of the way.

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