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Snap Beans Ain’t Salty

  We’ve had a rough go of it lately y’all. So many of our Louisiana cultural icons have passed in the last two weeks. We barely had time to process the loss of culinary powerhouse Leah Chase when the news…


New Orleans Oyster Fest becomes a tween, annoyed by parents

Perfect Timing

National Travel and Tourism Week arrives as infrastructure deal is struck

You’re Hired!

Hospitality and Tourism Job Fest connects job seekers with employers

Nerd Alert

Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus brings “Space Farce” parade this weekend

Purrfect Pairing

NOLA Tribe Yoga offers yoga with kittens and encourages pet adoption

I’m Busted

Free New Year’s Eve events for those who bought one too many presents

Tourism Biz

Tourism with Jennifer Schecter


Once a tourist in New Orleans herself, Jennifer Gibson Schecter is proud to call NOLA home. Prior to New Orleans, she wrote for publications in the Midwest and New York City. She advises travelers to ask their cab/pedicab/gondola driver where their favorite restaurant is and to eat there.