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Each week Biz Talks will reach beyond the pages of Biz New Orleans’ magazine to bring you in-depth conversations with members of the business community.

From the names everyone knows to the ones destined to make their mark, we’ll dive into the top issues, best practices, successes and failures of every industry that calls Southeast Louisiana home.


Episode 167: Celebrating Women in Business

This week (Sept. 20 and 21) the Women’s Business Enterprise Council South (WBEC South) will host their annual WE Summit Awards and Scholarship Gala at the Roosevelt Hotel. Who is the WBEC South and why should women owned businesses get…

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Kimberley Singletary

Managing Editor, Biz New Orleans

Award-winning writer and editor Kim Singletary has worked in publishing for over 20 years, including as the managing editor of Biz New Orleans magazine since its launch in 2014, where she has led Louisiana’s only business magazine to receive multiple national recognitions. She currently lives in Uptown with her husband, two daughters and a collection of needy animals. You can reach Kim at (504) 830-7260 or

Rich Collins

Associate News Editor,

Rich Collins is an Emmy Award-winning writer, musician and actor known for the Disney Channel TV series “Imagination Movers.” He’s also a 30-year media veteran who is the former managing editor of Gambit Weekly newspaper and former president of the Press Club of New Orleans. He covers New Orleans business for the Biz New Orleans website when he’s not performing on stages around town and worldwide. Contact info: (504) 830-7257 or


Episode 7: Denis Paul Juge

  As some businesses start to bring employees back into the office, chief among concerns is employee safety. But what if someone does get sick? Is that a workers’ compensation claim? Attorney Denis Juge says his firm, WC Defense, has…

Episode 6: Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins

  On today’s podcast, we talk to Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins, the vice president at Plush Appeal - The Mardi Gras Spot, a New Orleans company that creates thousands of custom products for Mardi Gras organizations, businesses and individuals in New…

Episode 5: Melinda Bourgeois

  Eager to get away? The travel industry is starting to open back up, but is it safe? What are the most in-demand destinations for New Orleanians right now? When can you expect the best deals? Melinda Bourgeois has owned…

Biz Talks: Episode 4 – Mark Romig

  In this episode, Rich Collins talks to Mark Romig, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at New Orleans & Company, about the state of tourism, New Orleans & Company's marketing plan and what is in store for the…

Biz Talks: Bonus Episode 1 – Amy Bakay, SHRM-SCP

  Is your business ready to reopen? Do you have the right policies in place? Have you checked all the boxes? In this special bonus podcast, Biz New Orleans Managing Editor Kim Singletary talks to Amy Bakay, founder/CEO of HR…

Biz Talks: Episode 3 – Michael L. Williamson

  With all the talk of opening businesses back up, one thing not being discussed a lot is childcare. According to a recent survey, one-third of childcare providers in greater New Orleans reported that an extended closure will force them…

Biz Talks: Episode 2 - Mike Siegel

  In our second episode, associate news editor Rich Collins talks to Mike Siegel, the president and director of office leasing at Corporate Realty, about the effects of COVID-19 on the New Orleans real estate market. He shares his thoughts…

Biz Talks: Episode 1 - Quentin Messer

Since 2015, Quentin Messer has served as president and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance, a public-private partnership charged with economic development for the city of New Orleans. Prior to joining NOLABA, Messer was the assistant secretary for Louisiana…