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Podcast Stephenperry

Episode 24
How to Rebuild New Orleans Tourism
Stephen Perry, president and CEO of New Orleans & Company, discusses the fate of New Orleans restaurants and hotels, and how long it’ll be before the city reaches 2019 levels of tourism revenue.


Podcast Jaredrosenthal

Episode 23
Should You Be Testing Employees for Marijuana?
Thanks to new changes in Louisiana law, the answer is complicated. Drug testing expert Jared Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Health Street, discusses the challenge employers now face and offers advice.


Podcast Laceymerrickconway

Episode 22
The Pandemic’s Effect on Commercial Real Estate
Latter and Blum’s President and CEO Lacey Merrick Conway says the seller’s market for residential will likely last through 2020, but the full effects on the commercial side may not be felt until 2021 or later.