Betsie Gambel

A Style With A Twist
Jeff Strout
Betsie Gambel, President of Gambel Communications, likes to say that her style is classic with a twist – read that as meaning it is acceptable to show your shoulders and still be stylish. Her penchant for staying fit is reflected in her youthful collection of stylish clothes that fit her well-tone body perfectly.

Betsie Gambel proudly embraces fitness as an important part of her lifestyle.

“Working with 10 absolutely adorable, smart and stylish ‘Gambel Girls’ certainly is an incentive for me to stay fit,” she says, referring to her all-female staff at her PR company Gambel Communications. “We have an exercise chart in the office where we earn stars for every time we work out, and being just a bit competitive, I think I am in a close second place for the current month.”

She credits her parents with being great role models when it comes to taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

“My dad is a nationally ranked tennis player, and much of my dedication to being fit comes from him,” she says. “And my mom has a love of life which I have inherited, never wanting to miss a beat. But sometimes things get in the way. As a cancer survivor, I am committed more than ever to make health and fitness a priority.”

Gambel’s penchant for staying fit is reflected in her youthful collection of stylish clothes. But when she was selecting an outfit to wear to the event where she was honored as a “Woman of Fashion” for the Men and Women of Fashion’s Prix d’Elegance awards luncheon, she bought a fabulous racerback black dress and then didn’t wear it.

“I was hesitant about the dress being black,” she says. “So I opted for the complete opposite and ultimately went with the vote of the Gambel Girls — with the encouragement of Rebecca at Chatta Box who can be very convincing — to wear a white fitted jumpsuit with spaghetti straps. It was awesome and I felt like a million dollars.”

A white pants suit with spaghetti straps? What a wow decision! But then Betsie doesn’t dress to please safe-dressing ladies club members.

“Being in the public relations business, I think it is important to look professional, yet I believe style should reflect the creativity and confidence that our industry elicits,” she says.

Then she smiles and adds, “My classic with a twist style allows me to dress appropriately for a day in the life of a Gambel Girl, and, yes, that does include a pretty fitted jumpsuit with spaghetti straps.”

There is no mistaking that Betsie looks like a million dollars in her stylish clothes that fit her well-tone body perfectly.

“I try to start each morning spinning at home for 30 minutes, then twice a week I work with a trainer at Elmwood Fitness Center at Heritage Plaza. I have been with a trainer forever. I usually fit in Pure Barre several times a week. For me, Pure Barre, which is very isometric, is great for toning but it is also almost like meditation. I clear my head of all distractions and feel totally stress free when done.”

She keeps her bicycle at her beach house in Pass Christian, “I love to ride the Gulf Bike Path on weekends, “she says. “Plus I get stars on the office chart for these rides.”

Where does Gambel like to shop in addition to Chatta Box?

“I also like to shop with Sugar at FeBe and with Sal at Elizabeth’s, which is very hard to resist because it is downstairs from my office,” she answers. “Both boutiques are on Metairie Road. From shoes to accessories, Rebecca, Sugar and Sal understand my style while nudging me to incorporate some trendy elements.”


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