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Benny Cenac continues his family legacy of giving back to his community through generous donations and support.

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Cenac Marine Services was founded over eight decades ago by Jock Cenac to advance opportunities in the marine industry. 88 years later, the company was acquired by his grandson, Arlen “Benny” Cenac, Jr., who has continued to run the company in the spirit his grandfather intended: focused on employee satisfaction and company morale. Benny Cenac and the entire Cenac family embrace giving and philanthropy in their community and with their employees; they pride themselves on the safety, education and satisfaction of their workers, and through philanthropy they ensure that their current and future workers will continue to benefit from working for Cenac Marine Services. Benny Cenac has ensured that the company functions as a family by fostering strong ties with their employees treating everyone with kindness and care. This gives employees the opportunity to provide the highest level of professionalism, loyalty and dedication to the company and to the customer.



Arlen “Benny” Cenac, Jr.’s  family has a long history of giving back. For nearly a century, Benny Cenac’s family has been committed to employee satisfaction and company morale—and the company understands that the happiness and satisfaction of its employees is linked to the happiness and success of the greater Houma community. For the company, advancing the wellbeing of their employees is tied to advancing the wellbeing of Houma’s community, Louisiana, and the entire Gulf Coast region. To that end, Benny Cenac invests in both current and their future employees by giving back to his area.

Benny Cenac, a Houma native, is tremendously grateful for the Houma community, and loves having his roots in local Cajun culture. He is constantly finding ways to give back to local organizations in Houma, whether it be schools, churches or other charities.

Benny Cenac’s dedication to providing a safe and happy work environment (a dedication that won the Louisiana’s Workers Compensation Corporations’ Safest 70 award) is involved in his decision to pay it forward. One of the company’s main philanthropic focuses is providing increased opportunities for advanced education, particularly in the marine education field. Through their donations to various institutions, Benny Cenac has ensured that the marine towing industry has and will continue to have a steady stream of top-tier professionals for years to come.

Another one of Benny Cenac’s companies, Main Iron Works, recently started an internship program for local college students and recent graduates. The program provides college students in the community with hands on work experience, learning from the best and brightest in the Maritime field, that they can then take back out into the community or to Benny Cenac’s company as full-time employees.



Arlen “Benny” Cenac, Jr. believes in fully rounded philanthropy. Benny Cenac is a dedicated philanthropist who gives time and attention to all sorts of causes, from educational to environmental to health and well-being.

Benny Cenac has led the drive for sustainable and local food through local community garden donations and has grown the region’s culinary program by helping fun the construction of Nicholls State University’s brand new, state of the art culinary arts building. The company also donated a fully refurbished updated barge to Southern Louisiana Community College’s Maritime Training program, which will allow the program’s students to experience the highest quality of education and situational training.

“Maritime training and education is a key component to the area and the industry,” Benny Cenac said. “Cenac’s partnership with SLCC yields tanker operations and simulator training for all wheelhouse members, while at the same time, gives hands on experiences to others that would otherwise not made available to the public.”

Benny Cenac has also made it a point to give back to veterans through their partnership with the Wounded War Heroes Organization and the Houma Oilman’s Fishing Invitational. Since 2013, Benny Cenac has provided accommodations for veterans at the fishing invitational to allow the veterans an all-expenses paid weekend dedicated to fun and camaraderie, including delicious meals and fishing.

Cenac also devotes time and resources to South Louisiana Community College, Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, Louisiana Wildlife Federation and Terrebonne Parish. Benny Cenac’s rounded approach to philanthropy helps contribute to a stronger economy and better community, which helps to improve the state, region and even the nation as a whole.



For over 88 years, Cenac Marine Services has been known throughout the towing industry for its excellence in customer service, highlighted by an impeccable safety record and an unwavering commitment to strict maintenance and operational standards built upon a foundation of experience dating back to the 1920s. Today, Cenac Marine Services continues its pioneering way in the marine industry. Additionally, Main Iron Works specializes in the construction, repair and repowering of marine vessels and barges. Since its conception in 1947, Main Iron works has proudly built and refurbished push boats and offshore tugboats. Those interested in learning more about Benny Cenac and his philanthropy can follow his Twitter, @arlenbennycenac.

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Benny Cenac believes that bettering his community is an essential component of running his business.


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Benny Cenac philanthropist, is a third-generation owner of Cenac Marine Services.

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