Baton Rouge Dispensary first in the state to open its doors for Louisiana Medical Marijuana Patients

BATON ROUGE, La – Medical marijuana is now legally available to Louisiana patients, with Baton Rouge’s Capitol Wellness Solutions recording the state’s first-ever regulated medical-cannabis sales transaction at the dispensary’s grand opening today, Aug. 6. Details were shared in a press release.

Three patients were the first to benefit from the state’s new regulated medical program, including two cancer patients and the first veteran in the state to be able to utilize medical marijuana to treat symptoms of PTSD.

Alex Domingo consults with a Capitol Wellness Solutions Pharmacist.“When I first got my diagnosis, I felt I was being bullied into chemo. Doctors are knowledgeable, but I think every doctor should be trained in medical marijuana for every condition they work with. If there’s anything you can do to help cancer patients, that’s what doctors should be doing. What’s best for their patients,” said Alex Domingo, a Capitol Wellness Solutions patient who is accessing the program to address his cancer.

Gary Hess is a veteran who suffers from PTSD and will be one of the first patients to access the Louisiana program at Capitol Wellness Solutions: “This is what the medical marijuana community looks like. I had such severe PTSD that it was ripping my family apart. This medicine has added stability and consistency in my life. I will continue to fight the stigma about marijuana so that other families can regain their bond too.”

“I’m thankful that the state has put together this program for us,” said Jeanette Anthony, a Capitol Wellness Solutions patient who is using medical marijuana to treat her cancer.

The dispensary, at 7941 Picardy Ave., was chosen in April 2018 as the first in the state to be allowed to legally sell medical cannabis. It serves the Louisiana’s Capitol Region, one of nine geographical designations in Louisiana in which medical cannabis will be available.
“It is imperative that medical marijuana patients have safe and reliable access to the medicine that works for them, and Louisiana’s residents and lawmakers—including the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy—have worked hard to make this moment a reality,” said Randy Mire, Founder & CEO, Capitol Wellness Solutions. “All of us at Capitol Wellness Solutions are honored to be the first dispensary to open its doors for the state’s medical marijuana patients.”

“Seeing Randy and his team develop Capitol Wellness Solutions to be the flagship therapeutic marijuana pharmacy in the State of Louisiana has been a long, difficult and rewarding journey over the last several years. Seeing the hope in the eyes of these patients to finally be able to purchase medical marijuana legally reminds me of what makes all that hard work worth it,” said Mark Slaugh, CEO of iComply, a cannabis compliance company that advised the medical dispensary throughout the regulatory process. “I’m happy we can be open for business and show Louisianans what a professional, high standard, cannabis pharmacy looks like.”

Louisiana first legalized medical cannabis for chemotherapy patients in 1978 and added qualifying conditions over the years. It wasn’t until 2016, however, that the state approved legislation to create a distribution method for medical cannabis.

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