Baton Rouge-Based King Crow Studios Earns Air Force Contract

BATON ROUGE, La., January 7, 2020, — King Crow Studios, a digital media company located in the Louisiana Technology Park, was selected as one of six recipients of a $1 Million contract from the United States Air Force for its training and simulation application. The contracts were awarded at the Dec. 4 inaugural Simulators Pitch Day as part of the Interservice/Industry, Training, Simulation and Education Conference. This was the third and final pitch event orchestrated by the U.S. Air Force as part of its efforts to find and contract with companies that don’t typically do government work.

King Crow Studios’ winning software will give Air Force pilots a unique virtual reality-based training program to learn advanced combat tactics, proper safety procedures and more. The software was developed by King Crow Studios after building a similar application for ExxonMobil earlier this year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the Air Force on this project. The fact that they’ve reached outside their typical pool of contract companies to find innovative approaches to their training procedures is really a testament to how far technology has come,” said Cody Louviere, King Crow founder and CEO. “We’re grateful not only to the Air Force for giving us this contract, but also to the Louisiana Technology Park for providing us with the opportunity to make the connections which led to this.”

King Crow Studios has been partnering with a local firm called Precision Procurement Solutions to make these pitches – a partnership which was born from an introduction at the Louisiana Technology Park.

“Cody and his team at King Crow Studios have been doing remarkable things with virtual reality for some time now, so when Precision Procurement Solutions let me know about this opportunity to pitch to the U.S. Air Force, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of,” said Stephen Loy, executive director of the Louisiana Technology Park. “The near-endless possibilities for applications of virtual reality are finally beginning to take hold outside the world of video games, and we couldn’t be prouder that one of our member companies is leading that charge right here in Baton Rouge.”

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