Bastion Community Of Resilience Awarded $25,000 By The Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Bastion Community of Resilience

NEW ORLEANS — Bastion Community of Resilience will receive a $25,000 grant awarded by the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. The awarded funds will be used to continue growth of Bastion’s Phase 2 developments which will create 20 additional residential homes at the Gentilly site which will be open to warriors and their families who are in need of Bastion’s supportive community, particularly those warriors returning with traumatic brain injuries.

The funds will also allow Bastion to expand its existing overall health and wellness programs which are geared towards helping residents recover from the traumas faced in battle. Those services include yoga and meditation classes, self-care workshops, financial literacy courses, legal aid services, counseling and more.

“Bastion is honored to be presented with this award from the Disabled Veterans National Foundation and it is humbling to have the backing of such a respected, veteran-centric organization,” said Founder and Executive Director of Bastion Dylan Tête. “With this support, Bastion will continue to expand and improve its ability to provide the community resources and services our returning warriors need and deserve.”

“DVNF is proud to support Bastion Community of Resilience as they continue to make a positive impact in veterans lives by building housing and providing health and wellness programs for returning warriors and their families,” said DVNF CEO Joseph VanFonda (USMC Sgt. Maj. Ret.). “We would like to congratulate and thank them for their commitment to serving the men and women who served in defense of our country.”

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