Award-Winning Local Artist Celebrates Major Milestone: 15,000 Paintings Sold

NEW ORLEANS – After a little more than six years, New Orleans native and renowned local artist Jax Frey is celebrating this month as she marks another significant milestone in her artistic career—selling the 15,000th painting from her “Little Views” series of iconic New Orleans and Louisiana images.

         Colorful and high-textured mixed media paintings on 4 x 4 canvases, “Little Views” are mini artworks that depict New Orleans and Louisiana icons, landmarks and images. Art enthusiasts across the globe collect the works, with customers as far away as Jamaica, Norway and Japan.

         “When I realized that I had painted almost 15,000 paintings, I was so thankful for my blessings and for how lucky I am that the city I love the most in the world seems to be sending love right back,” Frey said.

         According to Frey, it was her homesickness for the city and passion to paint that helped launch a successful art business. The inspiration for the series came from small sketches she created while traveling and living away from New Orleans.

         “I was born and raised in New Orleans, but traveled and lived in other states and countries for a while,” she said. “While I was traveling, I would remember all the things I loved about home and create little sketches for fun and to remind me of home.”

         After returning home, she began to turn her sketches into acrylic paintings on mini canvases.

         “I always knew one day I’d return home to New Orleans, and I’m never leaving again,” she said. “Louisiana has a gift, and people who live here know it. People who visit us want to bring a bit of that gift home with them.  I can help them with that! I feel like an ambassador to New Orleans in my own ‘mini’ way.”

         Working from a home studio, each mini painting takes approximately one week to create because they are created in stages and require drying time between each stage. 

          “They’re actually a bit of work, but I think that’s what makes each one of them special,” Frey said.

         “Little Views” collections tend to show up in many different kinds of places—hanging in kitchens and bathrooms, over bars and in narrow spaces between doors. Some collectors have even been known to stack the paintings on tables or amass larger collections that cover entire walls. Frey also creates commissioned, custom mini paintings, which have proven popular as gifts for a wide variety of occasions, from weddings and graduations to engagements and even first dates.

         To commemorate the 15,000th painting milestone, the artist is offering a special on her website. Throughout the month of June three “Little Views” mini paintings can be purchased online for $99, plus shipping. “Little Views” paintings usually retail for about $40 each.

         Frey is also the creator of the “Gumbeaux Sistahs” series of paintings, celebrating the women of New Orleans supporting each other and their city. Award-winning Frey holds the honor of being an Official Louisiana Bicentennial Artist and is also the founder of the women’s group – Women of Infinite Possibilities.

         Frey’s “Little Views” mini paintings can be purchased from her online store and in New Orleans area fine gift shops including Fleurty Girl, What’s New, Little Miss Muffin, Judy’s at the Rink and Roux Royale. 

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