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Ted Nass, Director of Engineering; Kimee Boudreaux, President; Kerri Glynn, Director of Administration

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New Orleans Chamber Member Since 2018

“Part of our mission is to improve their technological foundation with cost-effective solutions”

Businesses, organizations, and individuals make and implement world-changing decisions every day using technology. Having access to reliable Information Technology (IT) personnel and proven IT solutions can make all the difference, whether providing a product or service to a defined customer base or the entire community.

Avexon, LLC, is a local, certified Woman-Owned Small Business with an experienced and highly specialized team of advisors that provide a variety of IT services and support, such as engineering services, project management, and industry-leading hardware and software products.

“To continue to grow such richness of talent, we constantly invest in our Avexon network,” says Kimee Boudreaux, President. Avexon’s advisors are trusted by customers, thanks to their client-focused approach to collaboration and communication as well as the company’s reputation for quality results.

The team, whose management is made up of all New Orleans natives, enjoys using IT solutions to help grow the local infrastructure and benefit the community at large. A significant portion of Avexon’s customer base is made up of state and local government agencies and area educational institutions.

“Part of our mission is to improve their technological foundation with cost-effective solutions,” says Ted Nass, Director of Engineering.

Already involved in a number of parish chambers, Avexon joined the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce to grow its local business network while promoting women working in technology and the benefits of a diverse team. Avexon supports a number of charitable organizations and advocacy groups—like Women in Technology—and those that empower children in technology and assist children in need.

141 Robert E. Lee Blvd, #206, New Orleans | (504) 218-8664 | avexon.com

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