Author: William Kalec

The Past, Present, And Future Of ITEP

Blessed with strategically-beneficial geography for intermodal transport, a proven, skilled and willing-to-work labor force, coupled with an abundance of natural resources, Louisiana has been an attractive site for large-scale manufacturing and industrial operations to set up shop for years. But…

Spreading New Wings

Though it’d be a few more years until he finally got off the ground, Tristan Green’s passion for flight was quite literally love at first sight. Even before Tristan attended school, his…

The Catch Is The Culture

Come this time of year — the season of Mardi Gras and Lent, and leading up to Easter — Erik Donnaud knows better than most that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And when you’re in the business of…

Avondale’s Second Act

For officials at Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO), the 2010 closure of Avondale Shipyard wasn’t an end; rather, it was the beginning of the historic site’s second chapter. Working with principals in the…

A Plan for the Park

An ambitious long-term journey, which began years ago with the Jefferson EDGE economic development initiative, now has a crystal-clear road map and a well-defined finish line. In February 2019, officials with the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) publicly presented…

Training Small Businesses to Succeed

In its two decades as a singular entity, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana (HCCL) has strived to serve the various, yet particular, needs of the business community and spark economic development amongst this rapidly-growing segment of the state’s…


Joint recruitment efforts by the Port of South Louisiana and state agencies like Louisiana Economic Development have resulted in numerous new businesses setting up operations along the Mississippi River, and high-paying jobs for the skilled workforce of the region.

Solutions for Stormwater

No stranger to strong storms and tropical occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico, local builders in the New Orleans area continue to find creative ways to handle precipitation runoff.


Through the Third Quarter of 2018, the Port of South Louisiana’s throughput totals display why it’s a vital economic engine for the River Parishes and why increasing depth levels in the Lower Mississippi River via dredging is so important.


In less than a decade, the Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport has undergone a radical transformation — one that will continue with the recent announcements of new public hangars and other upgrades.


The westernmost parish of the River Parishes, St. James has a plethora of ‘must-dos’ for those passing through or setting down roots.

A Strong port

National publications and regional organizations recognize the Port as an economic juggernaut and a vital source for quality employment in the River Parishes region and beyond


St. John the Baptist Parish’s list of ‘must-dos’ whether you’re a local or a visitor just passing through

Second Ascent

The object of Jesse Noel’s affection is more than 80 years old, proving once again that true love knows no age and that the right makeover can do wonders. Not a work day goes by that the Interim Director of…


Big River Coalition waves the flag for maritime commerce in South Louisiana, fighting for causes and issues imperative to the economic well being of the industry and the coastal restoration of the state.


Recently, the Port of South Louisiana held a celebration for the milestone anniversary of Globalplex, honoring the rich history of the complex and the people and projects that made it what it is today.


Steeped in history, rich in culture, and brimming with community pride, St. Charles Parish has something for all the senses.