Audubon Zoo's Autumn Babies Include Babirusa Piglets

Audubon Zoo's babirusa piglets Ginger and Ivy

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The autumn babies at New Orleans' Audubon Zoo include a pair of threatened piglets native to Indonesia.

         The zoo says the babirusa piglets were born Oct. 14 and allowed into the exhibit last week.

         This is the third litter born to Betty and Wrigley. The father is named after historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, and one of the new piglets is named Ivy after the plants on the stadium's outfield walls. Her sister is named Ginger after a favorite treat of the pigs.

         Male babirusa grow huge curving tusks that pierce their snouts. Unlike other species, babirusa don't have a nose bone that allows rooting, so they can only root in mud and swamps.

         Earlier this fall, the zoo announced the birth and survival of 10 African painted dog puppies.



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