Audit: LA 1 Bridge Finances Stabilize

LEEVILLE, LA (AP) — A state audit says the LA 1 bridge in Leeville is collecting more money from tolls after years of under-collecting.

         The bridge was built partially on money to be repaid through the tolls. But revenue from those tolls lagged, and the state lagged on repaying the debt.

         Recent years have seen a human toll collector added to the bridge as well as better efforts to penalize those who cross without paying.

         The audit, release Monday, says that has resulted in some $5.8 million in tolls collected in the most recent fiscal year up, from $4.2 million the previous fiscal year.

         The Courier’s Xerxes Wilson reports state officials authorized engineers to proceed on the final design of another stretch of LA 1 that includes elevating the road over the levee in Golden Meadow.

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