Argent Institutional Services Rebrands as Argent Retirement Plan Advisors

Chris Shankle

RUSTON, La. – Argent Institutional Services announced in a press release that it is rebranding as Argent Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC. The new name reflects the division’s primary focus in providing fiduciary-level investment advisory services for employer-sponsored retirement plans. Argent Retirement Plan Advisors will remain a subsidiary of Argent Financial Group.

The name change pertains to offices in San Antonio, Texas; New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana; as well as Nashville, Tennessee. It also will also be applied to Oklahoma City-based Heritage Institutional Services, which is part of Argent Financial Group. Heritage Institutional Services will now be known as Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors. Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors will continue to operate in Oklahoma as a DBA (Doing Business As) of Argent Retirement Plan Advisors, formerly Argent Institutional Services. 

Argent and Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors’ clients are mid-size to large employers and, in particular, their human resources departments. The rebranding highlights the company’s mission to maintain an independent fiduciary relationship with plan sponsors and participants.

“Our new name defines the specialty service that we provide to plan sponsors and fiduciaries of retirement plans and employee benefits. This is where we focus 100 percent of our efforts, which is a rarity in this industry,” said Chris Shankle, senior vice president of Argent Retirement Plan Advisors.

“Our award-winning team is lauded by clients as being extremely knowledgeable and informed about relevant issues and timely changes to the rules governing their administration,” said Brad Knowles, managing director of Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors. “This name makes it clear that our focus is on helping employers manage the retirement plans they have established for their employees, an area that is becoming increasingly important as employees needs and retirement options become ever more complex.” 



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