Another First

Editor’s Note

As a relatively new publication, just over two years old, Biz is still very much in the land of “firsts.” This month we debut another exciting one — our first-ever CEO of the Year and Business People of the Year.

Most of these people we’ve featured in some capacity before, and those that haven’t been — like our “Couple of the Year” — well, stay tuned.

Being the first issue of a new year, this magazine is packed with tips on how to make this the best year yet for both you and your business. Maybe this will be the year that you encourage a healthier, smoke free workplace, update those IT policies or get your finances in shape. If you’re a baby boomer looking to finally get back into shape, check out this month’s “Why Didn’t I Think of That,” where we feature an innovative new fitness center called Peak Forever.

Finally, you may notice that there’s a bit of a trend that winds through these pages, and that is the concept of co-working. Not only are our CEOs of the Year set to open a co-working space at the Contemporary Arts Center with The Idea Village this year, but this month’s Great Offices is also a co-working space and our etiquette column discusses tips for working within such an arrangement.

Personally, I think it’s encouraging to see this focus on collaboration and human interaction take hold in an age where technology seems to have created so much isolation. No screen is a substitute for a real, smiling face.

Happy New Year!

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